Construction and engineering consulting

Azar Passillo Company is a pioneer in providing consulting and building engineering services
Construction and engineering consulting
Service Summary

Architecture and building

  • Providing services related to supervision, implementation and design of construction projects
  • Providing design services for electrical and mechanical installations
  • Providing design services for phase 1 and 2 architectural plans
  • Providing design services and structural calculations for architectural projects
  • Preparation of civil plans and infrastructure facilities
  • Design and implementation of interior designs and decorations
  • Design of facades of office, residential, commercial, medical, sports and educational buildings
  • Providing consulting services for technical and economic justification of architectural plans
  • Design and execution of exhibition booth decoration
Our team

Azar Pasilo company with its experienced and capable team is always ready to advise you dear ones. This company will implement your designs and ideas in the best possible way by using the latest engineering methods in the world and using the experiences of its capable engineers.

Construction consulting Define current building problems
Cost estimates Estimate total cost based on forecasts
risk management Estimation of possible risks
planning Plan future building modes
Contracts Study the conditions
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